Our Board

Surfcoast Basketball Association Inc. is affiliated with Basketball Victoria and is overseen by a volunteer Board.

Our current Board was elected on 16 November 2020 and comprises:


President – David Scott (president@basketballsurfcoast.com.au)

Vice President – Adam Forde (vicepresident@basketballsurfcoast.com.au)

Secretary – Rebecca Lewis (secretary@basketballsurfcoast.com.au)

Treasurer – Margaret Bompas (treasurer@basketballsurfcoast.com.au)


General Committee:

Melanie Jackson (mel-general@basketballsurfcoast.com.au)

Leon Sayers (leon-general@basketballsurfcoast.com.au)

Jodi Staff (jodi-general@basketballsurfcoast.com.au)


Calling Volunteers:

The SBA Board welcomes volunteers to assist. Should you have an interest please email president@basketballsurfcoast.com.au.


Calling Players/Teams:

The SBA Board welcomes players and teams. Should you wish to play Basketball, please email registration@basketballsurfcoast.com.au.


Calling Sponsors:

The SBA Board welcomes sponsorship to assist in the development of Surf Coast basketball. We are currently seeking uniform sponsors for our elite junior basketball teams, the Surfcoast Chargers, who represent our community locally and statewide. If you can assist, please email secretary@basketballsurfcoast.com.au.



We thank the Surfcoast Basketball family for their generous support!